It all started when…

Just two hustling girls, Ashley Futris, owner of Bolt Boutique, and Maggie Dietrich, owner of Margrit Co. met while working their respective booths at the first White Buffalo market. Ashley admired Maggie’s merchandising skills and Maggie admired Ashley’s hustle.

Maggie & Ashley have collectively attended over 60 tradeshows, markets, fairs, you name it. The two came to quickly learn exactly what they loved about a vendor market and exactly what didn’t work at a vendor market.

Ashley was previously the VP of Sports and Special Events for the Waco Chamber, executing a wide array of events for the City of Waco, including starting the Texas Food Truck Showdown.

Maggie has previous experience in a multitude of retail spaces & is an expert mechandiser. She actually consults on this regularly! Maggie has grown Margrit Co with a presence in nationwide brands and ambassadors to further her cause through Down with Business.